I'm a portrait photographer, believer, and wife to my high-school sweetheart. I'm obsessed with timeless, romantic photos, and I think everyone deserves photos that they feel their absolute best in! I feel most inspired when I'm surrounded by paintings - whether that's in the Sistine Chapel in Italy or in my garage at home painting a backdrop, and I love to channel that feeling into every image I create.

Hello, I'm LaRita!


We fell in love in high school, and since then he has always been my biggest supporter. I can't imagine a life without Payton in it.

my husband/BFF

I am obsessed with having fresh flowers filling my countertops and office desk and anywhere I can fit them! My dream is to someday have a massive rose garden so I'll have an unlimited supply. :)

beautiful flowers

My favorite city I've ever visited is without a doubt Venice, Italy. The live music, art shops everywhere, and water canals created the most magical day of my life.

exploring a new place

my favorites

Ever since I could hold a pencil, I've spent countless hours drawing, painting, or creating some form of art. From sketching fashion designs to watercoloring flowers for my niece’s nursery, art has always been my passion.

Photography was also very much a part of growing up in my family. Both my mom and sister were photographers so I was constantly holding a reflector or modeling for the both of them. I would sit with my mom and draw while she edited, but for so long it didn’t occur to me that we were both creating art. However, years later when it did, photography so quickly became my biggest creative outlet.

I am so thankful for a job that allows me to create, and for clients that trust me with the biggest day of their lives. I’m passionate about creating artistic imagery with each wedding and engagement I photograph. My goal is to not only document all those beautiful moments from your day, but to also create images that feel like art and stand the test of time. 

My photo story